Frankies/Kaathi Rolls

It is again that time of the year when events and festivals keep piling and you have to run from one occasion to another. There was the Indian Dussera and Diwali, then there is Halloween, soon it will be thanksgiving and then a lot of slacking until it is Christmas!

It has started getting colder here in Chicago and frankly I have my doubts as to how I am going to survive the snow and the wind. So far, it was just visiting over a weekend, choosing a good time to be in IL, and running away back to CA before my butt froze off 🙂 But now it is different. I am going to be around here through thick and thin 🙂 As long as me and my car make it through the winter, all will be well. I am deathly scared of being inside a spinning, sliding out of control car!!!

Its ok, sometimes you just have to hit the ground running.

Speaking of mental blocks, I’ve always thought, it is not an easy task to make great tasting frankies. How wrong was I on that? Supremely!

I admit, it takes a bit to get everything in order if you are starting from scratch to make the chutneys, guacamole, tortillas, veggies, etc … but the final product is so good, you really forget the hour you spent multi-tasking to get everything ready.

I used Sailu’s recipe for reference, but really, frankies and wraps are so versatile, you can choose to fill in whatever it is that you like. Bellpeppers, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage, fennel, paneer, chicken, etc … Just saute and spice the filling and you are good to go!

I used coriander-coconut chutney and guacamole for extra zing!

We scarfed away the whole plate of frankies in a matter a minutes. If you dont mind the prep time and effort, this is one dish you should really make at home and enjoy!


~ by kharasmithaas on October 31, 2011.

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