Paneer Kulcha

I am quite at a loss of words today. Nothing seems to come to mind as I stare at this post draft. I switched staring at the walls, the curtains, the BH sitting next to me, but nothing … nada!

So anyways, Ill jump rightaway into food, because there is never a food block 🙂

Last week I made these awesome Paneer Kulcha’s, turned out pretty good too. Had to be, Sailus recipes never fail 🙂 🙂

The filling is very easy to make, grated paneer, chopped onions, lots of cilantro, chopped garlic and spices. The dough needs some settling time, almost 2 hours, so needs a bit of planning ahead of time. I missed making these a couple of times for the same reason, remembered last minute at 7:00 that I cant make these for two more hours!!

Typically I just like to make parathas, etc … with wheat flour, but these taste best with Maida dough or all purpose flour.

We ate it with a side of super thick daal, I know unusual, it goes much better with chhole or jalfrazi or something, but no matter. This was good too 🙂

Here is the recipe on Sailus blog. Enjoy!!!!


~ by kharasmithaas on October 10, 2011.

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