Meals from other blogs …

I’ll admit the self-inflicted writer’s block conveniently did not stop me from browsing other blogs and drooling over other excellent recipes all over the food blogosphere 🙂 Here are a couple that I made recently and enjoyed a lot.

I have been looking for a good hummus recipe for a while now. Nice flavorful fluffy hummus. And then I found one. Ohh my God, what hummus it was! Just follow the recipe for this nice hummus and you will never want to look for another one …. ever!

And there was this awesome green chutney chicken. I remember my mom making this one on some special occasions, and then my bhabhi used to make it now and then. I just love how the cilantro and mint flavor gels well together and gives a nice creamy gravy … yummmmmmm!!!! Ohh … remember to use thigh tenders and drumsticks, instead of chicken breast. I tried with both, tenders and drumsticks turn out much much better and just simple boneless breast.

I am sorry about the picture, it absolutely does no justice, the taste is awesome, nonetheless 🙂



~ by kharasmithaas on October 2, 2010.

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