Lemon Chicken & Mushrooms

I love lemony stuff. Anything with citrus in it and I am on a roll. So when I read about orange chicken or lemon chicken I can hardly resist. So here’s one, from a cookbook I picked up from, you guessed it, the Sunnyvale Public Library 😛 – EatingWell 500-Calorie Dinners. I have a few more bookmarked from this book and they’ll show up here soon…

1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth
1 lemon
1 chicken breast – cut in 1 inch slices
2 carrots – sliced at an angle
2 tblsp soy sauce
2 tsp corn starch
6-7  button mushrooms sliced
1 bunch of green onions (separated greens and whites)
1 tblsp minced garlic

1. Zest and juice the lemon.
2. Combine the lemon juice with soy sauce and corn starch in a small bowl.
3. In a wok, heat some oil, add the chicken and cook it until tender.
4. Remove the cooked chicken out and add the mushrooms and carrots to the wok and cook until tender (2-3 minutes).
5. If you like, you can add more veggies at this point (snow peas, broccoli, etc …)
6. Also add the zest, green onion whites and the minced garlic. Stir Stir Stir
7. Whisk in the corn-starch broth mixture and let it thicken – about 2 minutes
8. Finally add the chicken back, taste and add more lemon if you like. Cook for another 2 minutes.
9. Garnish with greens and serve!


~ by kharasmithaas on July 10, 2010.

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