Baking in baby steps …

In my over-energetic over-enthusiastic curiosity for baking, I ruined some very very fine and expensive ingredients – fine chocolate, cocoa powders, organic eggs and butter (oooohh never should anyone waste butter and chocolate!!!!). So now I am trying to reset myself and calibrate each variable at a time – the baking tray, racks, oven temperature, type of flour, type of chocolate, cooling, baking …. what not!

Finally, I realized that I need to have my oven temperature 5 degrees below the cook-book cake baking temperature. I should center-rack the tray. I should measure flour a bit more precisely.

This is my first trial after adjusting these variables and got a pretty good result. I just baked one layer of a bigger cake. I wasnt going to make ganache and other goody stuff, only to find the base cake not baked properly. I am so glad it finally worked properly. Now I can slowly move on to making a proper cake next time.

I should probably get a long sharp knife to slice of the slight dome, to get a flat layer. That would make the layers look flatter and would be easier to make a uniform coating of icing/ganache/glaze/… Next time around!

By the way this brilliant idea of learning to bake, tweaking one variable at a time, came from my personal Oracle. I am so glad I took his advice. Thanks!!

~ by kharasmithaas on April 19, 2010.

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