Couscous Salad

I feel like I am only now discovering these too-good-too-healthy ingredients like quinoa and couscous and bulgur wheat and what not … where was I? what was I doing???

I am so in love with couscous these days, especially because it is so quick to make that I make couscous salad every other day now 🙂

Just put together some cooked couscous, cut tomatoes, semi-ripe mango, red and yellow bellpeppers and half a green chilli. For the dressing, I just mixed together some soy sauce, vinegar, chilli paste, a dash of lemon, salt and pepper. Voila! salad is ready!

Add some salad shrimp or boiled chicken and there you have your extra protein!

~ by kharasmithaas on April 7, 2010.

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