Stuffed Eggplant Curry

I now realize when people say that procrastination is bad, they really mean it. Seriously, as I look through my backlog of posts I meant to write and did not finish or upload, my mind goes numb. How did I let this happen? Bad me!!

okay … moving on…

I have been meaning to make stuffed eggplants for a while now. Ive had the recipe from Prema’s blog printed out for a while. But everytime I get these nice little eggplants, I end up making the quick and easy fried eggplant slices and keep putting it off till next time. So this time around I was determined!

Here is the recipe from Prema’s Blog. I did a few things differently …

For one, I love the filling itself so much, but I dont like the raw taste of it so much. So I roasted the filling itself for a little bit instead of filling it out raw as suggested in the recipe.
Also, I didnt make it like a curry curry, as in mine is a little dryer than Prema’s. I just added the onion-tomato mixture into the pan where I was roasted the filled eggplants and roasted the whole ensemble for a few minutes until the flavors blended in, instead of adding the eggplants into the curry.
All in all, either way is great!!

~ by kharasmithaas on March 16, 2010.

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