Baking Experiments #1: Chocolate Chip cookies

I am proud to say that I now posses most of the baking paraphernalia and soon going to embark on a baking spree  until I get it right. That’s it!!! Its just not possible to read about all the sinfully awesome chocolate cakes and cookies and brownies and fruit cakes and cheese cakes and what not … and not make them. My bookmarks folder is full of baking recipes and I am going to make every one of those recipes. The only issue is that I will have to eat it up on my own after I make all the good stuff … but never mind. Am ready to run an extra 15 minutes on the treadmill everyday 😀 😀 (I need to go for the original time in the first place …. extra 15 minutes comes after that :P)

So in my frenzy, I made these cookies really quick. Major blunder was – melting the butter. See the thinness around the edges? Its because the batter was not firm enough, because I melted the butter to mix it. The trick is to use the block/pieces of butter at room temperature and wrestle with it to mix with the flour (ofcourse, there is the hand blender which can be put to use here). Otherwise, they were perfect. Extra chocolaty, extra awesome in taste. So I will soon try another batch and they will look perfect too.

As far as the recipe goes … nothing special. Just googled. But I particularly like how PurpleFoodie describes it. You can find her recipe for these cookies here.


~ by kharasmithaas on February 25, 2010.

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