Coconut Scones

I simply love scones. Once my manager from the firm I used to intern at while in grad school got us some scones that his wife had prepared. That was the first time I ate a scone. Ever since, I have had a soft spot for them … so when I was browsing through and looking for new recipes, I came across this blog, and found my favorite coconut scones there. I couldnt wait for the weekend to make them. Its just that the recipe is so simple and its quick and the result is great!

Here is the recipe for it and here’s how my scones (I love the sound of it) turned out. I am munching as I am typing and crumbs are falling all over my keyboard …. how un-womanly of me … but do I care when I have this awesome warm scone in my hand … NAH!

By the way I am just practicing to take better pictures and do a better job of presentation, and put them on the blog in a better way. Lots of better’s I know. I still have to figure how to create a quick collage instead of pasting pictures one after another. But for now ….

The Ingredients

The flattening of the dough ….

The baked scones cooling down …

The final scones …. tada!!!


~ by kharasmithaas on February 18, 2010.

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