Chocolate Truffles .. mmmmmmm

What is more comforting than a chocolate truffle? Is there anything, seriously?? Of course its not, when you have to pay $2.50 for one truffle 😀
I love the Godiva ones and always make the better half buy some for me every time we pass a Godiva store. For a while now, Ive been wanting to make these lovely treats at home and finally last evening I came around to do it. I cant believe how simple it is to make them. I mean, its hardly a few steps. Only that, there is no instant gratification, because you need to refrigerate for a few hours before finalizing the truffles. So I made them at night and refrigerated overnight and rolled them into chocolate topping in the morning. So the timing ended up just right.

I need to leave for an errand quickly right now, but Ill update with the recipe in a couple of hours …. Even as I am typing, I am gobbling down a couple … hehehheee ..

1/2 heavy whipping creme
4 oz bitter-sweet chocolate
4 oz semi-sweet chocolate
(I got one of those Ghirardelli chocolate bars from the baking aisle – You can use 8 oz of one type too .. upto your taste buds)
1/2 cup topping (crushed almonds or crushed pistachios or plain chocolate powder)
1 tsp vanilla extract

1. In a bowl, crush the chocolate into small pieces and set aside.
2. In a saucepan, bring the heavy whipping creme to simmer on a medium heat. Be patient and let is heat on medium or else it will burn. It will stick to the saucepan, so constantly stir and try scraping off from the sides.
3. Once it simmers, pour the hot creme on the bowl of crushed chocolate. Whisk and mix and melt the chocolate. It takes a few minutes to all of it to blend and become a nice smooth paste …. tastes yummy already 🙂 This is called gananche.

How wonderful it looks after blending …. 🙂

4. Refrigerate this ganache for 2 hours.
5. Get it out and scoop out a little bit at a time in a spoon and form a ball of it using your fingers. Do this gently because even though it may seem hard, it melts almost instantaneously in the hand.
6. Place all the balls on a tray and refrigerate for a few more hours (2-3) or better overnight.
7. Get the tray out and roll the balls into your topping of choice and serve.
8. Store refrigerated.


~ by kharasmithaas on February 4, 2010.

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  1. […] Spicy Chocolate Truffles I just re-made the truffles I had tried last time, with only one change – I added some cayenne pepper powder to the ganache Whoa! The combination was awesome, the slight spicy taste in the chocolaty truffles was just great. The recipe is pretty much the same and is here. […]

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