I am embarassed to admit, but I also had a few fiascos this week.

1. I tried to bake some bread. Chocolate nut bread. It came out good, no problem with the taste and the aroma of baking. Only my proportions might not have been perfect, because I could not slice it very well. It was sort of crumbly. I ate it nevertheless, but I am going to have a practice some more. Anyways, it was a first ever baking attempt.

2. I tried making some daal-dhokli. Well it was good and all, but eventually it came out tasting pretty much like regular gujju khatti-meethi daal. So it was like a roti-daal Qabooli (as the better half calls it). I am sure there is more to it, considering its popularity.

The Dhoklis

3. I also tried my hand at making some Thai green curry using store-bought paste. Colossal mistake. Never try to make something using store-bought pastes and curries … man! what a waste of my perfectly good awesome veggies. I mean it was not not-edible or anything, but it was way too strong. Maybe next time Ill be less lazy and make the paste for the curry myself 🙂


~ by kharasmithaas on December 26, 2009.

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