Egg Curry with Fennel Spice

I have been so super busy at work and home since I got back from the trip, I have’nt been able to unpack or do anything else …. god know where all the time is going. Anyways, I made a few dishes from my file whenever I got a chance but never got the time to peacefully sit and blog about them.

So finally here I am … me, my laptop and a silent place to read and blog 🙂

The first thing I tried was the Fennel flavored egg curry, the recipe of which I had found on Sailu’s blog. I had tried it once before using potatoes instead of boiled eggs. Believe me, the potatoes do no justice. Better use the eggs 🙂 Although I am not so fond of boiled eggs, but I did love the curry as a whole.

Here is the recipe for it. One thing I have learned the hard way. Never to overload any dish with coconut. It is really important to put just as much as required. Otherwise the coconut completely takes over the taste of anything and everything you put in the dish.


~ by kharasmithaas on December 26, 2009.

One Response to “Egg Curry with Fennel Spice”

  1. […] … moving on, here is a very simple egg curry that I read on Sailus Food. I have made it once before, but this time I just pulse everything together into one curry. Also I got rid of all the egg […]

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