Poaching an egg

The other day, during my usual browsing, I came across a recipie to prepare Eggs Benedict. Now alls fine with it and it looks amazing and has a zillion calories and its the most delicious breakfast and all …. but the problem is, it requires poaching an egg. Ever since I watched Julie and Julia, I developed this thing about it, that its the most difficult task on this earth. God knows, how many eggs will I destroy and waste before I get a good one done.

Apparently, its not that difficult. I found this video on youtube about doing it and seems fairly simple. I have a tray of eggs in my fridge waiting to be experimented upon 🙂 Ill try it later today and report back on the post. I hope it works!

Update: I tried it and it worked. Wonderful for a first attempt.

It looks so pretty, I almost didnt want to break it and eat it 😛

With pepper/salt sprinkling

I think, the swirling of the water is the most important part. Also, the water should not be ultra-boiling. Just a few bubbles is good enough. And then about breaking the egg. I believe it is best to break the egg in a bowl and pour it from the bowl into the water pot, instead of breaking the egg into the pot directly.

Anyways, this was a lot of fun!!!

~ by kharasmithaas on December 5, 2009.

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