Dahi Wada

I have had this strange notion that dahi-wada is very difficult to make. But seems like it is not. Thanks to Sailaja’s awesome instructions and proportions. I picked the recipie from here and it was a success. Whoopieee! This is what my outcome was. It was yummy and delicious.

Just the wada's

Dahi Wada

Things I did different

Instead of mixing the spices in the dahi, I only sprinkled on top. I added some sugar in the yoghurt. I love sweet yoghurt!! Also, I poured in some tamarind chutney. Thick concentrated tamarind paste is available in most Indian stores. I just took a spoonful, diluted it in water and some jaggery to make it a little sweet.

~ by kharasmithaas on November 16, 2009.

One Response to “Dahi Wada”

  1. Love this. I remember my Granny making it for me in my childhood days.

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